General provisions
1.1. These rules of personal data processing (hereinafter – the Rules) establish the procedure for using the website (hereinafter –, as well as the rights, duties, responsibilities and other provisions of visitors (hereinafter – Visitors).
1.2. is managed and administered by APB Protego, registration address Vilniaus st. 25, LT-01402 Vilnius.
1.3. Visitors are given the opportunity to download free or purchase paid videos, PDF books or other content by voluntarily entering their contact details. The Visitor also has the right to share information about the current content of on social networks. The visitor is given the opportunity to comment and participate in the discussion in all the comments sections of the website. The visitor can voluntarily enter their contact details to subscribe to the newsletter.
1.4. Having read these rules and entered their contact details, the person agrees that will process the provided personal contact details for direct marketing purposes. This consent also confirms that personal data for direct marketing purposes may be disclosed to the Author of the specific downloaded content (video, book, text) (hereinafter referred to as the Author) and may be processed by this Author for the same purposes. In this case, the responsibility for the processing of the Data for direct marketing purposes rests with the Author of the Content.
1.5. The data controller has the right to unilaterally change the content provided on the online portal – to delete or edit it. The controller also has the right to unilaterally change any provisions of the Rules. If the Visitor continues to send content after changing, correcting or supplementing the Rules, it will mean the Visitor’s consent to the changes to the Rules.
Limitation of Liability
2.1. The Data Controller and the Authors are not responsible for the content, novelty, accuracy, correctness and consequences of the information provided in the books and articles published on the Internet portal, which may arise from the use of the information provided on the portal The Data Controller is not liable for any damage caused to the Visitor or third parties as a result of the content of the Book or other material. The Visitor is responsible for the use of the information provided on the website. The Author of the information assumes responsibility for the information provided in the works published on
2.2. The Data Controller is not responsible for the malfunctions of the database caused by reasons beyond the Data Controller’s control.
2.3. The visitor is responsible for the correct and correct entry of contact details. The data controller is not liable for any damage suffered by the Visitor as a result of incorrect contact details being entered.
privacy policy
3.1. A person who wants and agrees to have his / her personal data processed by the administration, as defined by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, fills in the form fields for entering contact information after reading the information provided in the Rules and clicks on the relevant link “Register” “Or so. After performing these steps, the person confirms that he / she has specified the correct data and agrees that the administration will process them.
3.2. By visiting the website and / or using the website, the Visitor confirms that he is at least 18 years old or has the consent of his parents or legal guardians / persons responsible for him and can fully exercise the rights and obligations arising from these rules. In any case, the Person confirms that he is older than 14 years, because the website is intended only for persons over 14 years of age. If the Visitor is younger than 14 years of age, he / she does not have the right to visit the website and / or use the information (data) contained therein.
3.3. During the download of content, the Person agrees that his / her personal data will be processed for the purposes of direct marketing. A person has the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time by notifying the administration in writing.
3.4. A person has the right, in accordance with the procedure established by law:
1) know (be informed) about the processing of their personal data;
2) access to your personal data and how they are processed;
3) demand the rectification or destruction of his or her personal data in the cases specified below;
4) object to the processing of your personal data.
3.5. undertakes to create conditions for a person to exercise the rights set forth in Clause 3.4, except for the cases established by law, when it is necessary to ensure:
1) state security or defense;
2) public order, crime prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution;
3) important economic or financial interests of the state;
4) identification of violations of official or professional ethics;
5) protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject or other persons.
3.6. undertakes to inform the person whose personal data he collects directly from him,

the identity and place of residence or domicile of himself (the controller) and his representative, if any, for the purposes for which the personal data are processed and to whom they are provided, unless the person has such information.
3.7. administration may collect personal data and process it for its own and partners’ direct marketing purposes, undertakes to give Visitors the opportunity to opt out of services while terminating the processing of personal data.
3.8. When submitting an identity document to the administration of, a person has the right to receive information from which sources and what personal data have been collected, for what purpose they are processed, and to whom.
3.9. If a person believes that his / her personal data is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, the person must inform the administration to have the data corrected. If a person considers that his / her personal data is being processed illegally or fraudulently and applies to the administration, the administration undertakes to check the legality and fairness of the processing of personal data free of charge and to destroy the illegally and fraudulently collected personal data at the person’s request.
3.10. Personal data is corrected and deleted in accordance with the person’s request (requirement) and the documents confirming his or her identity and personal data. undertakes to inform the data recipients about the personal data corrected or destroyed at the request of the person.
3.11. If a person does not agree with the processing of his / her personal data, the administration of undertakes to immediately terminate the processing of personal data, except in cases provided by law, and inform the recipients of the data.
3.12. At the request of a person, the administration of undertakes to notify the person about the termination of the processing of his / her personal data or refusal to terminate the processing of data. At the request of a person, the administration of undertakes to save all personal data terminated for processing.
3.13. To improve the services, may collect certain technical information about the Visitors (IP addresses, data about the used browsers, operating systems, computer parameters, etc.), but may use it only for statistical research. Some services (the provision of customized content) require the use of “cookies”.
4.1. The copyright of the information provided by belongs to the respective natural and legal persons, as indicated next to the textual, visual, audio or other information. When quoting textual information, authorship is required. The publication and other use of video and audio information or the entire specific recording must be agreed separately with each of the Authors.
4.2 The Data Controller is not responsible for the illegal behavior of the Visitors by distributing, destroying, distorting or otherwise illegally affecting the content posted by the Authors.
Intellectual property rights
5.1. The data controller is the owner of all rights to the content of or has the exclusive right to use them. All designs, names, logos, etc. of the hosted content provided by are the property of the Data Controller or the Data Controller has the right to use them.
5.2. Any processing, copying and / or other use of the content, design of by third parties without the written permission of the Data Controller and / or in violation of the Rules is a violation of copyright and other rights, punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
Protection of personal data
6.1. The Data Controller has the right to process and manage the personal data provided by the Visitor or otherwise collected by the Data Controller during the submission of personal data or later using the Website in accordance with the procedure and purposes specified in these Rules. The data controller ensures the rights of data subjects in accordance with the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and other normative legal acts regulating the processing of personal data.
6.2. Personal data is processed in order to properly provide services to Visitors (to provide access to videos, selected PDF books or other content via email, to provide news information, etc.). Visitor data is also processed for the purposes of direct marketing and advertising campaigns (direct marketing games, quizzes, contests). The Data Controller will collect and store Personal Data electronically and, if necessary, provide extracts of such Personal Data in other forms.
6.3. The visitor submits his / her name on the website. email address, phone number, city. This Personal Data is obtained directly from the Visitor.
6.4. By agreeing to the following Rules and providing Personal Data, the Visitor:
6.4.1. entitles the Data Controller to manage and process the Visitor’s Personal Data to the extent and for the purposes provided for in these Rules. The Visitor has the right to revoke his permission for the Data Controller to manage and process the Visitor’s Personal Data at any time.

, demand termination of the processing and management of his Personal Data, deletion of Personal Data. Revocation to manage and process the Visitor’s Personal Data is not valid back in the past;
6.4.2. declares that it submits its Personal Data for placement in the website database of its own free will and agrees that the data provided by it shall be stored and processed electronically in the website database for at least 2 (two) years from its last submission to the system;
6.4.3. The visitor confirms that the Personal Data provided on his website is accurate, complete and correct.
6.5. When processing personal data, the Data Controller:
6.5.1. will use Personal Data for the provision of the Services, for the development and personalization of the website and / or other Services of UAB Tinkamiausi Sprendimai, as well as for the submission of proposals on the Services, improvements in the functionality of, for the submission of direct marketing proposals;
6.5.2. will not provide Personal Data to third parties and will not disclose them, except in the cases specified in the Rules or in the cases prescribed by legal acts;
6.5.3 A visitor who submits a personal identification document to the Data Controller or in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts or by electronic means that allow proper identification of a person who has confirmed his / her identity has the right to access his / her Personal Data and how it is processed; to demand the destruction of your Personal Data or to suspend, except for storage, the processing of your Personal Data when the data is processed in violation of the provisions of the law; do not consent to the further processing of his / her Personal Data. The Visitor must submit all requests to the Data Controller related to the protection of the Visitor’s Personal Data in writing (including the notification by general or customer service e-mail specified in the contacts of the website). The Data Controller will endeavor to provide answers to such inquiries of the Visitor as soon as possible, but not later than within 30 (days) from the date of receipt of the inquiry and all necessary documents from the Visitor. The answer shall be provided in a form acceptable to the Visitor. The answer is provided to the Visitor free of charge 1 (one) time per calendar year. The Data Controller will not provide personal data if the Visitor does not confirm his / her identity, requests data about another person, as well as in other cases provided by law restricting the disclosure of data to the Visitor.
6.5.4 The Visitor agrees that by providing the contact details on the dedicated platform, the system may register the IP address of the Visitor’s computer and the date and time of connection to the system.
6.5.5 By agreeing to these Rules, the Visitor confirms that he grants the Data Controller the right to send the Visitor commercial offers and information notices for the services of the Data Controller’s company. He also acknowledges that his data may be processed by the Author of the specific downloaded content for the same purposes. In this case, the responsibility for data security lies with the Author of the specific content for which the personal contact details have been provided for download purposes. The Visitor has the right to refuse to receive such offers by informing the Data Controller in the manner specified in the received notifications and / or offers.
6.5.6. The Data Controller processes the Visitor’s Personal Data for direct marketing purposes: name, e-mail postal address, telephone number. When organizing games, promotions, the Data Controller may process data confirming the fulfillment of the conditions necessary for participation in such a game, promotion in relation to participation in the promotion or the right to participate in the game.
6.6. Visitor data for direct marketing purposes shall be processed in accordance with the following rules:
6.6.1. The visitor’s data is stored in the database for a maximum of 2 (two) years from the date of the last visitor login to the account. Upon expiration of this term, the Personal Data shall be destroyed by a person authorized by the Data Controller;
6.6.2. Personal data is processed for the purpose of conducting advertising campaigns (direct marketing games, quizzes, competitions) no longer than 1 (one) year after the announcement of the results of the advertising campaign and the winners. Upon expiration of this term, the Personal Data shall be destroyed by a person authorized by the Data Controller;
6.6.3 The Data Controller obtains consents for direct marketing: directly from the Visitors, expressly expressing their will (consent) to receive direct marketing offers, by filling in the fields regarding the newsletter subscription, and from the Visitors who did not object to the processing of such personal data during data collection.
6.6.4. The Data Controller may combine the available information about the Visitor with the information available to third parties in order to provide the Visitor with interesting offers, as well as to offer new Services that may be relevant to the Visitor.
6.6.5 By granting the right to process data for direct marketing purposes, the Visitor also gives permission to contact him by phone, SMS

e-mails, newsletters with direct marketing offers. The Data Controller endeavors to send information and suggestions of interest to the Visitor.
6.6.6. Upon receipt of the Personal Contact Data (name, e-mail address) from the Visitors, the Data Controller may use these data only for the marketing of its own similar goods or services without the consent of the individual data subject, providing the Visitor with a clear, free and easy way to object or to refuse such use of the data for the above purposes, if the Visitor did not initially object to such use of the data in the submission of each offer.
6.6.7. The visitor has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, without giving reasons for the objection. The Visitor has the right to refuse to receive such offers by informing the Data Controller thereof in the manner specified in the received notifications and / or offers, or by informing the Data Controller of the disagreement by e-mail. by e-mail, by calling the phone number indicated in the Data Controller’s contacts. The Data Controller will try to terminate the processing of the Visitor’s data for the purpose of direct marketing as soon as possible, but not later than within 5 (five) business days.
6.6.8. If the Visitor provides data about himself / herself via a social network or other Internet service (Facebook, etc.), the Visitor understands and agrees to provide the contact telephone and e-mail. he may also receive offers from the Data Controller by e-mail. He may withdraw the offers in accordance with the procedure established by the Rules.
Cookie Policy
7.1. In order for the website to work properly, it can store small data files, so-called cookies, on the Visitor’s device. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on a Visitor’s web browser, computer or mobile device. They help the Data Controller identify the Visitor as a previous visitor to the site, save the Visitor’s browsing history, options (such as name, language, font size, and other display options), and customize the content. Cookies are a common web browsing practice that makes it easier for a visitor to browse a webpage they are already visiting and to access published information.
7.2. The Data Controller uses cookies in order to set the Visitors ‘habits of visiting, to improve the Visitors’ experience when visiting, to provide personalized services to the Visitors. Cookie information may include data about how the Visitor uses the website, the IP address of his computer, the type of browser, demographic data and, if the Visitor came to from a third party website – a link to the page URL. Cookies enable the website to operate more efficiently and improve its services, as well as to provide information to website administrators for statistical or advertising purposes.
7.3. The data received by the Data Controller is used by the Data Controller for the following purposes: to remember the data of the contact information; to ensure the security of data after their integration; ensure consistent operation of the website; to remember the searches used by the Visitor, to monitor the Visitor’s habits in order to provide the Visitor with relevant content and to improve the portal according to the Visitor’s wishes, for the development of the Services and for targeted marketing orientation.
7.4. The following types of cookies can be used on the website:
7.4.1. technical cookies – necessary for the Visitor to browse and use the website features. Without these cookies, the Visitor would not be able to use the services of;
7.4.2. functional cookies – allows to remember the things selected by the Visitor (such as your contact details) and to offer improved functions that are personalized for the Visitor. Functional cookies are not necessary, but improve the quality of navigation and the visitor experience;
7.4.3. Analytical cookies – used for statistical analysis of website visitors’ navigation methods. The data controller uses the results obtained from these cookies anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes only.
7.4.4. social networking cookies – are necessary to use information in your social profile account (for example, to share a link to download content to your friends or to express trustworthy). Social networking cookies do not affect navigation
7.4.5. The Visitor consents to the use of cookies: (i) by first performing the content download function after reading the “Personal Data Processing Rules”, (ii) if the Visitor’s browser accepts cookies – without deleting and / or changing them; (iii) on the website, contact submission platform, the Visitor’s consent to the use of cookies is valid for 1 (one) year.
7.4.6. The visitor can revoke the consent to the use of cookies by changing the browser data and settings (deleting cookies, selecting anonymous browsers).

or similar). To delete cookies from a mobile phone or other mobile device, the Visitor will need to follow the instructions for use of the mobile device or mobile device software. However, in some cases, disabling, disagreeing with, or deleting cookies may slow down your browsing experience, restrict the functionality of certain websites, or block access to the website. If the Visitor deletes cookies, he will have to re-enter the contact details in writing every time he visits More independent information about cookies, their use, opt-out options is also available at or
7.4.7. The data controller may, without prejudice to the law, combine information obtained through the use of cookies with information obtained about the person by other means, such as information on the use of services.
7.4.8. Third parties may use cookies to collect both anonymous and personal visitor information for personal advertising purposes, as well as to use both session cookies and persistent cookies. The visitor can find out more about third-party cookies by reading the privacy policy of a particular third party. The data controller does not control the activities of third parties and is not responsible for the accuracy, updating, completeness and compliance with legal acts of third party information. The visitor must independently inquire about the cookies used by third parties and the information they collect. The visitor may delete the cookies of third parties according to the instructions provided by the third parties.
Information security measures
8.1. The Data Controller implements the necessary organizational and technical security measures for the processing of the Visitor’s Personal Data, which help to protect the Personal Data from accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as from any other unlawful processing. The security activities carried out by the controller include the protection of staff, information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks, as well as office buildings and technical equipment.
8.2. The numbers of the payment documents (cards, etc.) used to pay for the Paid Services are specially coded when sending such information via the Internet.
8.3. The Data Controller reminds that the Visitor is responsible for the confidentiality of personal data. The data controller requests caution when providing personal data. The Visitor should log out of the browser after completing the work to make sure that no one will access the Visitor’s e-mail, personal information, especially when the Visitor uses a publicly available computer (eg Internet cafe, library).
8.4. The Data Controller undertakes to make every effort to protect the Visitor’s Personal Data which it processes, but given that the Visitor’s information is sent over the Internet, the Data Controller warns that the Visitor cannot and does not guarantee the complete security of the Visitor’s information, including personal data.
8.5. The Data Controller shall store the Personal Data of the Visitor to the extent necessary for the implementation of the Rules and the specified purposes. The customer’s data is destroyed no later than 2 (two) years from the date of his / her last submission. The Data Controller seeks to preserve outdated and irrelevant personal data of the Visitor. Historical information is stored if it is required in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts or for the performance of the activities of the Data Controller (for example, historical information about the Visitor’s payments, etc.).
8.6. Correspondence with the Visitor shall be kept for no longer than 1 (one) year from the date of the last correspondence. For the purpose of direct marketing, the data shall be stored for a maximum of 2 (two) years from the last day the Visitor provided the data, unless a longer storage period is established or permitted by law.
Applicable law and dispute policy
9.1. The activities of the website are carried out in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disputes arising from the activities of the website or related to it will be resolved through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach an agreement – in the competent court of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
Final Provisions
10.1. The Rules will enter into force from the moment the Visitor becomes acquainted with them and confirms by entering the contacts that they agree with them and will be valid for the entire period of the relationship between the Visitor and the Data Controller.
10.2. The Company has the right to change the Rules by notifying and publishing it on its website.
10.3. Additions or changes to the rules take effect from the day of their publication, i.e. from the day they are posted on the website.
If you wish to download content published on this site and do not agree to the above rules and the management of your contact details, direct marketings purposes, please inform us by e-mail with the text: I do not agree with the management of personal data for direct marketing purposes.
By registering and entering your contact details, you automatically acknowledge that you have read the Personal Data Processing Policy and agree to the management of your contact details for direct marketing purposes.